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An Enlightened Author is a Spiritual Author. What this means is that we are channels, receiving information from Higher Beings and Higher Realms.

Our job is to record this information, share it with those that are drawn to it, and keep the messages coming through. It is our mission, and it is important. Love and Light…

Opening Doors

Over time we begin to question what we believe to be true. Some things begin to not resonate with us anymore. It may be due to how the world is changing around us, or maybe because we are beginning to remember what we know to be true and has been inside of us all along.

As we continue to raise our consciousness, we notice that there are doors that we have not seen before. We feel that there are walls surrounding us, defining limitations, and hiding us from a significant part of our potential reality. It is if we are being kept from something. We begin to wonder how much more there is to life, and what is on the other side of the walls. Love and Light…

Just In Time

Each moment happens once in an eternity. How we experience these moments is by lining them up in sequential order and calling them time. Time is how we organize, group, and clump together possibilities we have chosen, are choosing, and will choose from the infinite possibilities available to us.

Time is not an absolute truth. It is a practical, useful system we have created to allow us to have an orderly, linear view of reality in the Third Dimension. We are not actually moving ahead through time, it only appears to us that we are, because that is the view of time we have accepted.

Everything matters, the fruits of the present will be dumped in our laps any time now. Love and Light…


Be Here Now

Awareness is the degree to which we are present. What we are aware of, is consciousness, the raw material of existence. As we go through our days, thinking ahead of all we must do, rushing about to get here and there, unless we focus on what is happening right now, we are missing much of our lives.

When we tune in to the subtle activity that is occurring all day long, every day, in our immediate environment, then we are part of it all. Love and Light…

It’s a Miracle

Miracles are energetic adjustments, happening exactly at the right time, and making a difference in the events in our lives. It is not only the face of an angel appearing or the parting of the seas that classify as a miracle. There are some events that may just delight some of us, and others that might save a life. A miracle is an occurrence, generating from a place where amazing things happen, outside  of ordinary reality,

In difficult or seemingly hopeless situations, or when we are faced with an obstacle or goal that appears insurmountable, it may seem that the only solution to the situation will be a miracle, in other words, a change that is believed to be impossible, unless brought about by extraordinary forces. Therefore, the request is often sent to a higher power, angels, or whomever or whatever a person’s belief system has assigned the task of performing miracles.

World Events

Why do tragedies happen? Why is there suffering? When tragic events take place, we often become kinder. When the events affect many people, there is an exponentially increased amount of Love, Light, Prayers, Healing Energy, plain old good wishes, caring, and loving intention, sent to those who are directly affected.

When we become aware of unsettling world events, we have a real-life exercise in holding our space in the Higher Dimensions, and remaining observers of what is happening. It is essential that those of us who are Light Bringers and Light Bearers keep our vibration as high as possible, for it is during these drastic events that humanity requires increased Light. Love and Light…

The Magic of Allowing

When we allow, we are making a conscious choice of trusting and having faith that when we make a decision it will be for the highest good. Allowing others to be themselves, whether we understand them or not, is a gift and a blessing. 

Allowing ourselves to move with the Rhythm of Life, is the magic of allowing. Love and Light…

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