An Enlightened Author

An Enlightened Author is a Spiritual Author. What this means is that we are channels, receiving information from Higher Beings and Higher Realms.

Our job is to record this information and share it with those that are drawn to it.

The words, in the messages we receive, are important. However, more than the words, are the vibrations encoded within those words.

Therefore, the rhythm of the syntax of each sentence is of the utmost importance, and should be preserved.

An Enlightened Author knows the difference in the feeling they have when they are channeling information. There is no doubt. Often the ideas come to them when they are driving, in the shower, or getting ready to sleep.

When those ideas come, write them down or dictate them into a device. If you do not, the information will be forgotten. You will remember that you received something, but will not remember what it was. It is precious information. Don’t let it slip away.

Keep the messages coming through.

Understand that it is your mission, and it is important.

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An Enlightened Author