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Awareness is the degree to which we are present. What we are aware of, is consciousness, the raw material of existence. As we go through our days, thinking ahead of all we must do, rushing about to get here and there, unless we focus on what is happening right now, we are missing much of our lives.

If we knew there was only one more day to spend here on Earth, we would surely savor every moment. We would appreciate what we ususally take for granted and would realize the preciousness of our life and those in it. The time to begin to put things in their proper perspective is now, right now, not tomorrow and not even ten minutes from now, for each moment is an opportunity and a gift. As we go through our everyday activities, there is much more going on than we think.

We have opportunities to connect with people we meet during our day and smile at those that pass our way. We might be interacting with them for a reason. Perhaps we knew them in another lifetime or are connected to them in a different dimension. They could even be Angels, taking a human form to interact with us. Also, our actions here might affect what is happening in other simultaneous lifetimes.

When we prepare our food, are we aware of the animals and plants that gave their life for our meal. They lived their life, so that we can have ours. On some level they had consciousness. As an energy exchange, we can offer gratitude as we benefit from their existence. Every day has opportunities to be aware of what else is going on besides ourselves and our needs. This is what having awareness means and when we develop this ability, we might be amazed at the amount of activity that is occurring, which we have been missing.

We can begin by observing our immediate surroundings in new and different ways. If we listen to the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees, we can hear them talk to us and send us messages. We may hear chirping when we get out of our car or the breeze may begin to blow when we are thinking of something. The birds on the telephone wires are transmitters of spiritual energy. Are they sending messages to us? When we tune in to the subtle activity that is occurring all day long, every day, in our immediate environment, then we are part of it all.

A Message from An Enlightened Author …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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