Being Enlightened

Enlightenment is the focus of those of us on our Spiritual Path. Often, when we have a higher understanding of spiritual concepts, we are referred to as enlightened. Many believe that the more spiritually educated they become, the more enlightened they also become. But when we look at truly enlightened beings, such as Ascended Masters and other Avatars, it must be noted that most of them did not become spiritual because they studied spirituality. It was something else that raised their consciousness to higher levels.

This does not imply that studying spiritual modalities is unhelpful. On the contrary, it is exceedingly useful in this day and age. That is why esoteric information is so readily available now. Exposing ourselves to the higher vibrations of spiritual information has a positive, uplifting effect, but study alone does not make us enlightened. So then, what is the answer?

When we are truly enlightened, we place our focus on all aspects of life, the lofty and the mundane. We can connect with the Higher Realms, while taking care of our everyday business. We observe the goings on around us, but we focus on the Light. By living this way, we create new thought patterns within ourselves. Because our actions are different, others react differently towards us. As we continue to live within our own reality, we begin to appear unique to the rest of the world — because we are.

As time passes, we may find that we are capable of doing things that others have not realized. Does that sound familiar? We are able to help ourselves, and others, to heal. We may have clairvoyant capabilities or other mysticalskills. At some point in our life, things that did not work in the past begin to make sense and suit us perfectly. Does that sound familiar? We are the Avatars of our age, singular beings, dedicated to lifting the vibration of humanity. There are thousands of us doing the job every day.

The question remains, how do we become enlightened? Think of the most enlightened person you could imagine. Some might say that it’s the person who meditates the most, goes on the most spiritual pilgrimages, or even someone who has the most esoteric knowledge. Such a person may be quite spiritual and very enlightened, but it is not only a result of studying and practicing that we raise our vibration. So then, is there a magic potion that brings us into a state of enlightenment? In addition, if study and practice do not result in enlightenment what is the point of these exercises?

Exposing ourselves to new ideas, schools of thought, spiritual practices, healing modalities, and messages from Higher Beings, brought through by channeling, creates new neural pathways. As a result, the mind begins to function differently. Non-life sustaining energy is overridden by vibrations that are beneficial to our Light Body. Over time, new ways of thinking replace outdated ones. As we continue on our Path of Enlightenment, we will notice the changes in our physical and Energetic makeup. Eventually, our Spirit is renewed and transformed.

As this happens, we connect with our true self, the self that has been with us since we were born. When we came into this world we were enlightened, totally in touch with the Divine source of everything. We trusted in life. That is what enlightenment is, it’s being ourselves in a completely natural state, filled with Light.

Granted, had we remained in that condition, we would not be able to survive and function in society, so we learned how to live in the world. The price we pay for this education is becoming less enlightened than when we started.

So, we already know what it means to be enlightened, because we started off that way. Our job now is to return to that state of knowing who we are, our true self. To do this we must let goof what we have learned that no longer serves us. In essence, we are notbecomingenlightened, rather, we are returningto enlightenment. The spiritual modalities that we study in the process, are tools. The information that we receive from our Higher Selves is meant to replace the information that we received from the collective consciousness.

The New Era is our time. Everything we need is readily available. It’s no coincidence that the Internet has made it possible for all information to be at our fingertips. With so much information available, how do we know what is relevant to us? You’ve heard it before, if you resonate with it, then embrace it.There is a reason why you are attracted to a certain modality, or crystal, or Archangel. It is because you are meant to work with what calls to you.

So, in the end, being enlightened is the process of getting back to yourself. Once you do, magical things happen.

A Message from An Enlightened Author …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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