Being Enlightened

Enlightenment is the focus of those of us on our Spiritual Path. When we are truly enlightened, we place our focus on all aspects of life, the lofty and the mundane. We can connect with the Higher Realms, while taking care of our everyday business. We observe the goings on around us, but we focus on the Light. By living this way, we create new thought patterns within ourselves. Because our actions are different, others react differently towards us. As we continue to live within our own reality, we begin to appear unique to the rest of the world — because we are.

Our job now is to return to that state of knowing who we are, our true self. To do this we must let go of what we have learned that no longer serves us. In essence, we are not becoming enlightened, rather, we are returning to enlightenment. The spiritual modalities that we study in the process, are tools. The information that we receive from our Higher Selves is meant to replace the information that we received from the collective consciousness. Love and Light…