Beings of Light

Beings of Light

Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, and all Beings of Light, exist in their own vibration, just as you do. Humans cannot presume to understand them completely, but they can get glimpses of their essence by connecting with them and channeling their messages. One thing is certain, they are always willing, and able to assist in a variety of ways and it is a true blessing that they wish to do so. Each of these beings has areas of expertise, as do humans. Becoming familiar with the particular talent of each makes it easier to know which Being of Light to call upon.

The main thing to remember when working with your luminescent friends is that they respect the free will of all humans and cannot, by nature, impose their will upon anyone. Therefore, they must be asked when their guidance and assistance is required. Only then will they be able to help. It is amazing how quickly you can feel their presence once they are invoked, sometimes almost immediately.

How do you know when Angels and Ascended Masters are near? When you allow yourself to become sensitive to the subtle energy around you, a gentle lightening of the field in your immediate surrounding can be felt. Many Beings of Light are waiting to be asked for assistance, so that, in addition to helping you fulfill your purpose, they can also achieve theirs. They cannot take on your responsibility or achieve personal growth for you. Youmust do what youmust do. What they can do is offer guidance and a sort of boost, so that you may achieve your spiritual goals more easily and gracefully.

Even if you do not require assistance with a particular issue, life can be much more fulfilling when you are working with them. Just reading or thinking a particular Being of Light, creates a soothing, calming sensation that reminds one of a place that has been deeply yearned for and long ago forgotten.

Beings of Light present themselves in a number of ways, not just in thoughts and feelings, but also by sending physical messages. When you become aware of synchronistic events, you can be sure there is a Being of Light with a big smile watching your amazement and delight at the occurrences that were orchestrated. Without them life is mundane and tedious, with them it is magical and mystical.

When you feel drawn to a particular Archangel or Ascended Master, it is for a reason. You may be destined to work with them or you might even be of the same lineage. As you learn more, you may feel a closer connection or begin to receive clear messages via your thoughts. Over time, you will have established a relationship that can last a lifetime, or longer. Get to know your Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Guides. They are here to assist you settling in to your place in the New Era.

An Excerpt from “Being a Master in the New Era – Integration the Codes of Ascension” by Wendy Ann Zellea
Brought through with Love and Light

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