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Ascension Messages from the Higher Beings

Opening Doors

Being Enlightened in the New Era begins with opening a door. On one side of the door we live in the energy of the collective consciousness, bound by beliefs, taught to us by others. But these beliefs are not always our own.

Over time we begin to question what we believe to be true. Some things begin to not resonate with us anymore. It may be due to how the world is changing around us, or maybe because we are beginning to remember what we know to be true and has been inside of us all along.

As we continue to raise our consciousness, we notice that there are doors that we have not seen before. We feel that there are walls surrounding us, defining limitations, and hiding us from a significant part of our potential reality. It is if we are being kept from something. We begin to wonder how much more there is to life, and what is on the other side of the walls. Read more ›

Just In Time

Each moment happens once in an eternity. How we experience these moments is by lining them up in sequential order and calling them time. Time is how we organize, group, and clump together possibilities we have chosen, are choosing, and will choose from the infinite possibilities available to us.

Time is not an absolute truth. It is a practical, useful system we have created to allow us to have an orderly, linear view of reality in the Third Dimension. We are not actually moving ahead through time, it only appears to us that we are, because that is the view of time we have accepted.

Everything matters, the fruits of the present will be dumped in our laps any time now.

With this Quantum view, there is no past or future, there are only infinite possibilities of consciousness that we create with our individual or group thought forms and beliefs. We are the Creators, taking part in a co-creative process, along with Divine Intelligence. The past and future are only those parts of consciousness that we haveused or willuse. In essence, time is just a big database that stores instances of consciousness that have already been experienced. Read more ›

Be Here Now

Awareness is the degree to which we are present. What we are aware of, is consciousness, the raw material of existence. As we go through our days, thinking ahead of all we must do, rushing about to get here and there, unless we focus on what is happening right now, we are missing much of our lives.

If we knew there was only one more day to spend here on Earth, we would surely savor every moment. We would appreciate what we ususally take for granted and would realize the preciousness of our life and those in it. The time to begin to put things in their proper perspective is now, right now, not tomorrow and not even ten minutes from now, for each moment is an opportunity and a gift. As we go through our everyday activities, there is much more going on than we think. Read more ›

It’s a Miracle

Miracles are energetic adjustments, happening exactly at the right time, and making a difference in the events in our lives. It is not only the face of an angel appearing or the parting of the seas that classify as a miracle. There are some events that may just delight some of us, and others that might save a life. A miracle is an occurrence, generating from a place where amazing things happen, outside  of ordinary reality,

In difficult or seemingly hopeless situations, or when we are faced with an obstacle or goal that appears insurmountable, it may seem that the only solution to the situation will be a miracle, in other words, a change that is believed to be impossible, unless brought about by extraordinary forces. Therefore, the request is often sent to a higher power, angels, or whomever or whatever a person’s belief system has assigned the task of performing miracles. Read more ›

World Events

Why do tragedies happen? Why is there suffering? Those of us in the New Era know that the Earth is evolving, the Ascension process is accelerating, and many of us believe that everything happens as it should~~according to Divine Plan.

Some say that each of us makes an agreement before incarnating into a lifetime. If this is true, there can be those who choose a lifetime that includes suffering. Why, we may never know, but one thing we can know is that the suffering changes each of us, whether we experience it or observe it.

When tragic events take place, we often become kinder. When the events affect many people, there is an exponentially increased amount of Love, Light, Prayers, Healing Energy, plain old good wishes, caring, and loving intention, sent to those who are suffering. Read more ›

The Magic of Allowing

The Magic of Allowing is one of the secrets of a happy life. We all know what it means to allow, whether it be letting someone go ahead of us on a line or while driving. This can be a random act of kindness, or trying not to push in. When we consciously do so, we are choosing not to participate in the collective competitive consciousness.

What makes allowing magical is that when we allow, we are trusting that our decisions determine how events will transpire. Yes, we have free will, but there are also people and occurrences that can affect the events that follow. Read more ›

Being Enlightened

Enlightenment is the focus of those of us on our Spiritual Path. Often, when we have a higher understanding of spiritual concepts, we are referred to as enlightened. Many believe that the more spiritually educated they become, the more enlightened they also become. But when we look at truly enlightened beings, such as Ascended Masters and other Avatars, it must be noted that most of them did not become spiritual because they studied spirituality. It was something else that raised their consciousness to higher levels.

This does not imply that studying spiritual modalities is unhelpful. On the contrary, it is exceedingly useful in this day and age. That is why esoteric information is so readily available now. Exposing ourselves to the higher vibrations of spiritual information has a positive, uplifting effect, but study alone does not make us enlightened. So then, what is the answer? Read more ›

Everything is Nothing

Everything that exists is formed and defined by a thinking substance, which fills the interspaces of the universe. It is called consciousness. So, what exactly is consciousness? Consciousness is driven by thoughts, to become reality. It is the stuff from which our thoughts are created and take form. It is all that is not, all which does not exist,and all that defines what does exist. Consciousness is infinite. It is the awareness of it that increases and allows the process of Conscious Evolutionary Growth to occur.

No matter how minutely matter is broken down, there will always be something surrounding it, giving it form and existence. When particles of matter are combined in different ways, by the intelligent consciousness that surrounds them, objects are created. This is why there are tables, people, trees, cars, animals, and everything else, which we define as existing. All that does not exist, we call nothing. Defining and acknowledging nothing, is validating its existence. The undefined space that is labeled meaningless nothingness, surrounding and permeating through particles of matter, is what gives form and life to everything. It is The Force that the Jedi revere in Star Wars, and rightly so. Read more ›

Energetic Integrity


Freedom – A Message from St. Germain

I am St. Germain of the Violet Flame.

I come to you in Peace and Love. My mission is Freedom. I have been instrumental in the formation of all societies that embrace Freedom, from Lemuria to Atlantis, and to modern-day societies.

I have been present at many gatherings of those that revere Freedom. I have made it clear through those who are open to channeling my vibration, that in order to achieve true Freedom, it must apply to all, otherwise no one will ever be truly free.

Freedom is not something that is granted once, and endures forever. It must be nurtured, or it withers and dies.

The ability to grow and ascend can only happen when there is robust Freedom. Ideally this happens when there are Masters that hold the Light, thereby transmitting a high vibration.

Freedom is created through Love, for it is only Love that provides a buffer from external constraints. When Love is chosen as the vehicle that drives feelings and actions, external and internal Freedom can be achieved.

There is no greater cause than Freedom for all, for it results in peace, unity, and the return to the way life is meant to be. Each desire for Freedom, no matter how small, contributes to the goal of achieving it. Everything in the Universe exists in a natural state of Freedom. All else is unnatural. Therefore, it is always clear what must be done.

I look to those who embrace Freedom. I support them and send them messages of Light.

Always with Love and Light,
St. Germain

A Message from St. Germain, brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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You may share this message, but please give credit to Wendy Ann Zellea at .
This message is channeled. It is written as intended. If you share, please do not change the content.

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