Conscious Human Evolution

Conscious Human Evolution

In the past, human evolution has been slowly plodding along, compared to the rate at which people are currently changing. Living in an environment, filled with a variety of stressful conditions, affects us in ways we cannot always know. We do not even look the same as people did a hundred years ago, but it is not only changes in style that produce alterations in countenance, it is the sum-total of the evolutionary transformations that have occurred over time.

Human evolution is a sensitive topic, because we believe that we are the highest example of a life-form that can exist. The truth is, we are changing every moment, so there is no need for judgment since every step of the process is getting us to the next phase of our human development.

What does all this talk of Conscious Human Evolution mean anyway? Traditionally the term evolutionrefers to perceptible physical changes in species, but nowadays we use it to refer to our spiritual and emotional growth, which is a vague, immeasurable concept.

As our vibration increases we enter higher states of consciousness. For example, we might react to the actions and comments of others by taking it personally, but at a higher level we may realize that their actions have nothing at all to do with us, and they are only expressing something about themselves through their interaction with us.

The process of evolution can is like to stepping out of the fog, and seeing things that were there all along, but were not visible to us through the mist. It can be a slow process for some and for others it can be instantaneous, depending on the person and their experiences in life. For some, it will not happen in this lifetime and they will remain in the fog, doing the same things repeatedly, never changing, even when change is right in front of them. We know that some may not be ready to undergo a personal growth process, but that is their journey, and it is just as valid as ours.

Enlightenment is not an goal, it is a process. We do not reach Enlightenment, and then exist at the highest level with nowhere else to go. We are grains of sand in an endless desert and drops of water in an infinite ocean. There is a never-ending process, endowed with no goal except continuation and co-creation.

When we place ourselves on that path, we are Enlightened. As we continue we become more so. But let us not try to measure the heights to which we feel we are ascending, let us savor every moment of this journey. Our lifetime is a precious gift and a miracle. Let us be in awe of it.

From – Life is Good, All is Well – Everything is Vibration by Wendy Ann Zellea
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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