Everything is Nothing

Everything that exists is formed and defined by a thinking substance, which fills the interspaces of the universe. It is called consciousness. So, what exactly is consciousness? Consciousness is driven by thoughts, to become reality. It is the stuff from which our thoughts are created and take form. It is all that is not, all which does not exist,and all that defines what does exist. Consciousness is infinite. It is the awareness of it that increases and allows the process of Conscious Evolutionary Growth to occur.

No matter how minutely matter is broken down, there will always be something surrounding it, giving it form and existence. When particles of matter are combined in different ways, by the intelligent consciousness that surrounds them, objects are created. This is why there are tables, people, trees, cars, animals, and everything else, which we define as existing. All that does not exist, we call nothing. Defining and acknowledging nothing, is validating its existence. The undefined space that is labeled meaningless nothingness, surrounding and permeating through particles of matter, is what gives form and life to everything. It is The Force that the Jedi revere in Star Wars, and rightly so.

All by which we are defined, is all that we are not.

What makes us what we are? We are a collection of particles, atoms, and molecules that are held together by…? We are held together by nothing, and nothing works perfectly. All the space that surrounds every unit of the matter that forms each individual is what holds us together. The intelligent nothingness, which gives us life, is all around us and flows through us. Yoda was right.

It has been shown in Quantum physics experiments that when electrons absorb energy, they can jump from one orbit to another. This may seem uneventful at first mention, but there is more to the story. When the electrons make the jump, they start in one orbit and then appear in another. Where do they go in between? They go nowhere and that is where they energize. Nowhere is where there is nothing and that is where the source of Light and life resides.

Having said all this, it can be seen how silly it is to call the source of Life Force Energy nothing and have it reside nowhere. Rational thinkers are determined to view existence in absolute terms. In doing so, they have separated us from the Source of everything. Originally, people were aware of the forces of life that could influence and affect transformation. Ooops, that is the definition of magic? The “M” word is like a weed. It cannot be stamped out. It always grows up between the cracks and blossoms.

Magic is part of life. When we can smile at someone and transform his or her face into a smiling one, it is magic. Transformation is part of life. Nothing, as it is called, is the source of all magic. As we become aware that we have the power to change our lives by changing the way we think, we find ourselves in situations where we are able to choose our own belief systems, realize our own power, discover we can heal our body, mind and spirit, and decide to be happy.

When we are happy, we are energized, vitalized, and we know that nothingis just as real as something. When we feel a balance between the seen and the unseen, the real and the unreal, something and nothing, we create a state of wellness, for it is then that the Life Force Energy, which sustains us, can flow through us freely. Being happy is the way to create this balance. It is that simple. When we go for it, we will be smiling and happy NOW!!!


An excerpt from “Do You Want to Be Happy NOW?” New Era Edition.
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

©️2018 Happy Awareness Publications
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