Gently Balanced Souls

The meek shall inherit the Earth.

Many words lose their original meaning and take on new connotations, in various cultures and at different times. The word meekhas come to imply a person lacking in courage, but it did not always have the same meaning.

Originally, it described a person that was gentle, which by no means has anything to do with cowardice. A gentle soul is a balanced being. In fact, in some cultures, gentleness is sought after, and most admired. In the New Era, gentleness is the default state of a balanced person. It is the new normal,thereby showing us that the meek, the gentle ones, do inherit the Earth, for it is they that are robustly thriving in the new energy.

True power does not come from force. Instead, it generates from focused balance. We experience this when we do Yoga. We must be focused and balanced, so that we can maintain a Yoga posture for a period of time. This type of balance can only occur when we are completely present and grounded. We become aware of the beyond, yet we anchor in the now. We exist in the ebb and flow of a gentle wave of energy washing over us, yet we stay in our center. The same power that creates life itself, fills us. A peaceful feeling envelops us, and we are able resonate, to a greater degree, with Life Force Energy.

It is then that we once again become the Balanced and Gentle Souls we once were, when we incarnated into this lifetime. We no longer feel the need to compete or criticize. We do not require anyone’s approval or recognition. In fact, we are traveling on a Ray of Ascension.

To some, it may be a sign of weakness, when we are not pushing ahead or taking part in the ego-based, unbalanced, stress-producing activities of the Collective Consciousness. Instead, what we are doing, is listening for guidance, looking for signs, experiencing synchronistic events, and relishing in the flow of life.

This is not just a simplistic description of a person that is not tuned intoreality. Instead, it is a description of one that is totallytuned into reality. Many people are beginning to realize that this vibrational state of mind is attainable,  but those of us living in the New Era, have already achieved it.

An excerpt from the first book of the upcoming “Being Series” by Wendy Ann Zellea, An Enlightened Author…
Brought through with Love and Light

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