Just In Time

Each moment happens once in an eternity. How we experience these moments is by lining them up in sequential order and calling them time. Time is how we organize, group, and clump together possibilities we have chosen, are choosing, and will choose from the infinite possibilities available to us.

Time is not an absolute truth. It is a practical, useful system we have created to allow us to have an orderly, linear view of reality in the Third Dimension. We are not actually moving ahead through time, it only appears to us that we are, because that is the view of time we have accepted.

Everything matters, the fruits of the present will be dumped in our laps any time now.

With this Quantum view, there is no past or future, there are only infinite possibilities of consciousness that we create with our individual or group thought forms and beliefs. We are the Creators, taking part in a co-creative process, along with Divine Intelligence. The past and future are only those parts of consciousness that we haveused or willuse. In essence, time is just a big database that stores instances of consciousness that have already been experienced.

When we think of the possessions, thoughts, and beliefs we had at age seven and compare them to what we have today, it is obvious that our lives are entirely different now. Yet our reality was just as valid to us then, as it is today.

Time is merely a record of possibilities, bits of eternal consciousness, which are occurring, have occurred, or will occur. This is why we occasionally get a feeling something will happen, or we think of someone and they call us. The event already exists, it just has not yet arrived into our now, but we are still connected to it.

     There is a thinking substance that permeates and surrounds all things and it is from this intelligent substance that matter is created… Wallace Wattles

The time has come to expand this principle further, Mr. Wattles. In saying that the intelligent substance is everywhere and nowhere, we must define what the intelligence is. What is the source of all this vibration?

Since it is permeating and surrounding everything and is even the substance of what we call nothing, we must conclude that it is what we call Divine Intelligence. So, when we say that everything is made up of Energy, it is true.

Divine Intelligence expresses itself to us as Energy.

Everything is of it, and from it, generating from the Creative Force, which is Source. So basically, we are all swimming around in a sea of Divine Substance, which creates and sustains us. Oh, the cleverness of it all.

From Life is Good, All Is Well ~ Everything is Vibration by Wendy Ann Zellea
Brought through with Love and Light 

©️2019 Happy Awareness Publications
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