It’s a Miracle

Miracles are energetic adjustments, happening exactly at the right time, and making a difference in the events in our lives. It is not only the face of an angel appearing or the parting of the seas that classify as a miracle. There are some events that may just delight some of us, and others that might save a life. A miracle is an occurrence, generating from a place where amazing things happen, outside  of ordinary reality,

In difficult or seemingly hopeless situations, or when we are faced with an obstacle or goal that appears insurmountable, it may seem that the only solution to the situation will be a miracle, in other words, a change that is believed to be impossible, unless brought about by extraordinary forces. Therefore, the request is often sent to a higher power, angels, or whomever or whatever a person’s belief system has assigned the task of performing miracles.

Many people believe in miracles, even though they may have never experienced one. Some do not expect to experience a miracle on a grand scale during their lifetime, since it is believed that only historical beings and saints have these types of experiences. Why is it that good stuff like miracles only happened ages ago? How unfortunate that people today only get to read about miracles, or do they?

Miracles are experienced, believed in, and talked about. It would take a miracle and it was like a miracle are common expressions. No one denies that there is a possibility that a miracle will occur, that an event was like a miracle, or even that it was a miracle. A miracle may occur when we ask for one. In a moment of darkness, we might glance at a magazine, hear a song, or even see something on TV that inspires us. This may open a channel that connects us to the vibration of miracles.

When least expected, a miracle occurs. Everything changes, people involved begin to take part in the process, there is no resistance, and it all happens in good and perfect time. In retrospect, we may realize that the actions were being orchestrated and we were in an altered state, carrying out orders, so to speak. A force was propelling us through the entire chain of events, assisting us in saying what needed to be said, and making decisions that were necessary for the desired outcome. A dismal situation may be miraculously transformed into one that feels right.

Along the evolutionary trail, we discover that we have capabilities that have not been developed in modern life. As Masters, we reach higher levels of consciousness and become aware of our participation in the creative process of our lives. At an elevated level, we can manifest instantly, thereby requiring careful consideration and responsibility for our intentions. As we approach these higher levels, we begin to see that life is good and all is well, and events flow easily, effortlessly, and playfully. As we ascend even higher, we enter the realm of synchronistic flow.

Miracles happen when we enter a higher vibration, allowing us to experience an aspect of the true, natural state of human existence. This can be sparked by a challenging situation, which allows us to partially let go of our ego and current belief systems. Once we do this, we are then free to function in a higher potentiality of human experience. The result is a fix and an adjustment to reality, beyond what we usually experience.

It is called a miracle.

When we move into the New Era, we become connected to the miracle of life. We find that miracles occur quite frequently. A bird landing near us when we are deep in thought, is a miracle. The bird, who is resonating with the rhythm of life, may be validating the thought we are having at that moment.

When coincidences and synchronicities occur, miracles are happening right before our eyes. Because we are connected to life, we are key players in the creation of these miracles.

In the New Era, when we do not know what to do in a situation, we may ask the Universe or the Higher Beings for assistance. When we do this with the intention that we will receive guidance, before long, events begin to fall into place. We start to know what to do next and how to handle the situation. In essence, we are asking through our Higher Self, which also has infinite wisdom, as it is connected to the Source of everything.

When we ask for guidance, then trust and follow our intuition with every step we take, we are walking in the path of miracles. There are many Higher Beings that are with us on our evolutionary journey to a fuller potential. We are not alone. We are not powerless. We are bringers of Light. We do not have to look outside ourselves for miracles. Instead, we can, watch them happen on a regular basis.

We all have the ability to be pioneers in the process of Conscious Human Evolution, but first we must have that intention to be so. There are an increasingly growing number of us who have chosen to move on to something new. There is nothing like it!

A Message from “Being a Master in the New Era” …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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