Letting Go of Old Energy

Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as enlightenment or Conscious Human Evolution, is the focus of each of us living in the New Era. It is a continuous process of increasing our energetic signature.
Many variables can affect our vibration. Emotional and environmental factors influence our Light Quotient and interaction with other people may affect the vibrational level of our Light Bodies as well. However, there are ways that we can make a conscious effort to maintain the highest vibration.

Letting go is essential for spiritual growth. As we release denser energies, we can ascend, because we are lighter. Releasing those energies helps us to create balance within ourselves, as old energy no longer weighs down the finer, lighter vibrational portions of our Light Body. The same way that a hot air balloon stays on the ground using weights, the outdated aspects of ourselves can keep us anchored when we wish to move forward, making it difficult to forge ahead on our spiritual path.

Clearing our Light Body is a way to achieve both balance and a higher vibration. Holding on to old, outdated energy, prevents fresh, new energy from coming in. However, the tricky part of letting go, is becoming aware of specifically what to let go. Sometimes, what is no longer relevant, is obvious, other times, issues can stay buried, deeply nestled under layers of consciousness. When we begin to release what is evident, very often, the more obscure things naturally, and automatically, can find their way to the surface.

A good place to begin letting go is by examining beliefs that we created at an early age, that have stuck around since then. This requires self-examination, but once the intention is set, the process begins. It may be surprising how many ideas and beliefs, which seemed valid for so long, no longer do. These are values that belong to the collective, not to us as individuals, and may not resonate with our current vibration. Once we choose to be on a journey of Conscious Human Evolution, we are no longer the same person we were when we embraced the ways of thinking of the Collective Consciousness. In fact, as we let go, we may find that we are not actually creating new ideas, instead, we are simply remembering what we truly believed, before society shaped us.

To be an authentic person, it is necessary to decide what we believe to be true. Notions of ourselves should be tailor-made, not an off the rack view of our essential being. The amount of self-confidence and self-love we embrace, influences the direction we choose on life’s journey. Although there is no Google Maps for our spiritual path, luckily there is a system of guidance that can help us along the way.

Allowing feelings to be the barometer of which beliefs we keep and which we let go, is the surest way to sort out what is relevant to our lives. The greatest barriers to examining our true nature, are social customs and traditions, based on false premises and outdated realities. In addition, the desire to please others may often supersede the ability to follow our own path. In any interaction between two or more people, it is essential that everyone receives the highest degree of consideration possible, under the circumstances. It does no good for us to sacrifice for another, or even be the sacrificee, to coin a word.

Certain events in our lives are intelligently designed by the universe, or by agreements that we make before we are born. These etheric decisions create opportunities for spiritual growth. They may also occur so that those close to us can learn life lessons. A friend may come into our life, as a sort of angel, creating situations, that help us grow spiritually. Other times, a romantic relationship may be the catalyst for us to learn how to create boundaries, or be more giving to another person. It is helpful to think about why events happen, or why certain people come into our lives. It is not for nothing. Even strangers, that cross our path during the day, present opportunities for self-realization.

Once we recognize an outdated issue or belief, then it can be released. How we do this is easy, just let it go. A simple process is as follows: Once the issue moves into the conscious awareness, there is no need to dwell on it, or feel the emotions attached to it. We can just release it. First, we visualize the issue in a shape that feels right to us, a sphere for example. Then we imagine bringing it up to the top of our head, and letting it go. It is that straightforward. Then, we intend to bring Light from the Higher realms into the space that the old issue once occupied.

When this process its done, we will usually feel a lightening around the Crown Chakra, as new Light enters the energy body. We do not need confirmation that the process has been successful, for once we set the intention to clear the energy, it will occur naturally. The best time to do this is at once, as soon as the awareness of the unwanted energy comes into our conscious awareness. No matter where we are, driving, in the mall, or even at work, the process only takes a few seconds. When left too long, the issue goes back where it was, usually accompanied by an uncomfortable feeling. With practice, it can become second nature to us.

After we release the energy, we may notice that when we try to recall the event or unpleasant thought, there is only a vague recollection of it, and we cannot clearly recreate the memory, for it has been transmuted, in this dimension anyway. Keep in mind that letting go of one part of an issue or belief does not mean that other parts do not still remain. For example, we may release a childhood issue, but afterwards find we still have more work to do. It might seem as though the same issue keeps reappearing over weeks, months, or even years. Each time it does, it means that there may be more layers to peel away. Quite often we have tried many methods to cover up a hurt and must uncover it in stages.

As old energy is let go and we bring in clear Light, and when the time is right, step by step, more will be revealed. Sometimes our Light Quotient must be at a higher level to recognize the deeper, more hidden energies that are residing in the most fundamental places of our Light Body. On the other hand, there are issues that resolve instantly. It is all part of the magical process of Ascension. What is most exciting is that it is possible, and that we all can do it!

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