Mother Earth

We shall not be so afraid and full of anticipation for what we fear. We will not see the world as a place in need of healing and the environment as damaged. Instead, we see the world as the wonder it is. The air, the water, the sky, and the forests are perfectly how as they should be. Our world is a reflection of all of us, and in our world, life is good, and all is well. We understand that we can create the life that we wish.

The Earth is not a victim of humans. The Earth is strong and vibrant and has been here through many civilizations, some far more advanced than ours. She will endure, as will we. We believe in ourselves. We believe in the Earth, she is our mother and sustainer and it is up to us to honor and cherish her. It is from her that we live and breathe, and it is she who loves us unconditionally.

We connect with her again. Even if we cannot walk upon her surface and feel the soft cushion of her grass, sand, or earth, we can connect with her many ways. Watching a TV show about the natural world can connect us with the energy of Mother Earth, if we have that intention. She will know and send us her loving, nourishing energy to re-vitalize and renew us.

It is only fear that separates us from the Source of all creation. It can hold us captive in the clutches of those who have instilled that trepidation within us. On the other hand, when we nurture, pamper, and Love ourselves, our life reflects it.

We are of the Earth, powerful, vital, kind, and Divine, nothing can harm us. When we tune into the vibration of the trees, the animals, the clouds, and the water, and they will bring us to a place where we are calm and safe. We part of the real world, the natural world, and we will live forever in the most perfect creation.

In this place we will find everything we wish, coming to us effortlessly and freely as we live eternally connected to the cycle of life that continues in fractal patterns and exquisite designs. We are of that lineage too. If we could only see the beauty of the creation that we are, it would amaze us more than we could imagine. The mother that adores us, Gaia, eternally creates the beauty of our world in the same way.

The Earth is not just a planet, she lives, breathes, loves, creates, and gives birth to her young then watches them grow. She is the Divine Mother and sustainer of us all, and we must learn once again to return the Love to her and to appreciate the gifts she has for us.

From Life is Good, All is Well ~ Everything is Vibration
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

©️2017 Happy Awareness Publications
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