My Way Around

Round and round, up and down, on the Infinite Spiral of Life. It is said that life is a circle, but I feel it is more like a spiral, always moving higher, or in some cases, lower. On each turn of the spiral, it is possible to look back, or forward, to see where one has been or where one is bound. The spiral may seem slippery during challenging times. One may feel as though they are sliding back down to where they have already been. Other times it may appear as though they are being transported up many turns of the spiral, rapidly and effortlessly, with assistance of an unseen force.

One may see other lifetimes on the spiral, above, alongside, or below. During auspicious times, the veil that separates these incarnations may become very thin, allowing memories of simultaneous lives or prophetic visions of what may lie ahead. These visions are possible as one connects with other lifetimes in which similar events may be happening. It is helpful to remember that in this current life, bound by rational, logical, deductive thinking, humans are primarily limited to the types of experiences only available in the Third Dimension. Once one embraces the quantum or spiritual view of things, which is not bound by matter, they become aware of an expanded reality. Then mystical things can happen.

My story, in more practical terms, is one of guidance, allowance, and the rewards of living life as an adventure. When I look back, I know that some of the choices I made in the past are not choices I would make now. Even so, I do not wish to lessen the value of any part of my life, because of what I did in the past. Perhaps my experiences may seem difficult for some to grasp, but they are all real and true, from a certain point of view, for truth is what one chooses to believe. Throughout all that has happened, I proceeded with a belief that things would turn out well and, in retrospect, they did.

My story is not just one of an unusual life; it is also one of personal and spiritual growth. I have done many things and been many places, but what stands out for me, as my greatest accomplishment, is the journey I made to find my place in the world, and the discovery that there is still much out there to be learned. Yet, I have a feeling that what I wish to discover is not really new, just forgotten.

I live on the same street where I was born. Others may also be able to say the same thing, but my journey took me away, and then brought me back to where I began, so that I could begin again. Currently, I work in the IT department of a major corporation and I also write esoteric books. It creates a good balance and keeps me grounded, but not too grounded. I love technology and I love spirituality. I love my life. I have always been adaptable, a trait that I consider essential to survival.

My childhood was a happy one, for I had a loving family. Even though I grew up very close to New York City, in the New Jersey suburbs, my world was very small. Movies, books, and music were my pastimes. Hours were spent watching TV, the wonderful shows of the 1950’s.

My parents were forward thinking intellectuals, with an extremely high standard of moral values. I was instilled with almost no religious training, which was an asset for me in my spiritual journey, for I did not have to overcome traditional religious indoctrination, as others might have.

My teenage years were in the 1960’s. Things were rapidly changing. Young people were abandoning cultural beliefs and creating new ones. As a result of embracing this new freedom, I can safely say that I spent most of my adult life on the fringes of society. At times, it was difficult, because when one is young they want to fit in, but looking back, it was a blessing.

An excerpt from “My Way Around – Journeying the Infinite Spiral of Life” by Wendy Ann Zellea
Brought through with Love and Light

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