Nothing But the Truth

bow riverTruth is what we choose to believe. When entire planet of people believes something is true, it becomes collectively accepted. However, if one person does not consider it to be true then is it still absolutely true?

At some point in history, people began to believe that men were superior to women, people must grow old, the New Year begins on January 1st, and the list goes on. Many of these beliefs came about at the same time across the planet in groups of people who had no contact with each other. This is because all life forms communicate telepathically.

Those who view themselves as civilized, view others, who have retained their old ways, as backward. They fail to remember that at one time they were the same. In the future, there will be advanced civilizations that look at the current accepted wisdom, as old-fashioned. To future civilizations that use technology to create a clean, healthy environment, the current culture on Earth will seem unenlightened.

There was a time when people thought the earth was flat, a concept that is now inconceivable. Quantum Physicists are discovering that a theory such as Dualism, which has been the fundamental basis of modern physics, is not necessarily true, after all.

Cutting-edge archeologists are determining that human history is at least ten thousand years older than traditionally thought. Humanity is not separate from everything in the universe; in fact, it is connected to all that is. It does no good to look upon past beliefs as backward, because they were essential stepping-stones to more evolved ways of thinking. Be thankful for the progress and the lessons that have been learned. Be happy that you are living now, experiencing the wonders of life.

From “Do You Want to Be Happy NOW?”
A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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