Say Goodby to Stress

Being stressed-out is a modern-day invention. Do you think it has been around all along? No, if you are old enough to remember, people did not used to be stressed-out the way many are today. So, what happened to cause this epidemic of stress? First let us examine what stress really is.

When I click on the word stress on this page, and select the thesaurus, some of the words that return are: anxiety, tension, trauma, hassle, and worry. So, if stress is the product of these types of situations, why do we keep stressing? What happened to our ability to cope with everyday life situations, without harming our physical and emotional selves?

Stress separates us from our Spiritual nature and is the number one cause of physical ailments. Over time, as we hold on to stress, we weaken our connection to Source, blocking the influx of Life Force Energy. Eventually, our bodies cannot support the amount of pressure they are enduring. Finally, the results become clear, we develop physical issues, which worsen if the stress continues. In addition, our energetic vibration becomes lower.

The bottom line is that stress is not really a reaction to outside influences, it is a lack of self-empowerment and of the belief in the flow of life. It is telling the universe, that we cannot cope with situations in a healthy way. It is choosing non-life sustaining vibrations over those that support a path of enlightenment. Would it not be better to accept situations as life lessons or steps in our Spiritual Growth?

Stress is a by-product of modern life. It is acceptable for us to be stressed out, but it should not be. Why should a mindset of stress, which causes emotional and physical harm, be a normal way of thinking and behaving? If we know that a certain food or other substance is harmful to us, we avoid it, but we embrace stress as if it is inevitable. If we truly believe that everything in life works out as it should, then there is no reason for us to be stressed. Stress creates resistance; therefore, it is counter-productive to the desired outcome of any situation because resistance stands in the way of what we are trying to achieve. A better approach is to calmly go through life, even in the face of challenging situations. We should remember that we learned stress, it is not our natural state. Therefore, we can un-learn it, and instead re-learn how to gracefully transition through each day.

I work at a computer 6-8 hours a day, so I consider the treatment of my Applied Kinesiologist/Chiropractor essential. One day, as I was lying on the table, we were talking about stress. I mentioned that I never really get stressed. He replied, “that’s amazing, most of my patients are here because of stress.”

We must stop giving in to stress. There are many modalities to help us accomplish this, such as meditation, Reiki, being out in nature, or whatever else can help us relax. In that state of relaxation, we can recover the knowingthat things always work out the way they should. Perhaps they do not work out the way we want them to, but we are not always able to see all the parameters involved.

Granted, many people are going through very tough times, some almost unbearable. Going through such experiences can be very stressful, worrying, and difficult to bear. We cannot know what someone is feeling in such situations, and yes, they may be very stressed out. On the other hand, there are people that are stressed out by everyday life. What will they have for dinner, what dress will they wear to a birthday party, or that their work is so stressful. These are not things to be stressed about, we must get a grip and realize that the more self-absorbed we become the more stressed out we will be.

This brings us to a final aspect of stress, the cause of which is an over developed sense of self-importance. We are part of a whole. Yes, that is a very vague statement and hard to imagine in our rational minds, but it is true. Just to stress about what we are having for dinner, is so miniscule in the whole scheme of the universe, that it almost borders on ridiculous.

The time has come for us to just let go of stress. It is a choice. We are spiritual, fluid, angelic and celestial. There is no stress in the New Era, stress it is a thing of the past. Events occur seamlessly in and good and perfect time. We have learned how to transcend this harmful state of mind and embrace a loving, trusting, and healthy belief that the universe does not make mistakes, and that we are part of it all.


A Message from An Enlightened Author …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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