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by Wendy Ann Zellea

Do You Want To Be Happy NOW?

New Era Edition

Did you ever wonder why some people seem happy all the time? Do you find your self wishing you could be happy like that too?

The truth is, you can. It is not difficult. It just takes practice.

After all, you were born happy. You just forgot. Time to become happy again is, NOW.


My Way Around

Journeying the Infinite
Spiral of Life

How do you spiral from street musician, an island in Belize, tragedy in Mexico to spiritual channel, luminary, and author? 

Enjoy the adventures, challenges, lessons and incredible experiences of Wendy’s spiraling journey to the successful, happy and healthy place she is today.



A Mystical, Modern Myth

We all know what happened to Atlantis, it sunk in the ocean, right? But, what if it didn’t?

Once upon a time there was a woman. Her name was Zi’antha and she lived in Atlantis. She was destined to become a great Priestess.

Travel to Atlantis, during the last days before the fall, where the most enlightened beings must use all their powers and gifts, to try and save their beloved land.


Being a Master in the New Era

Integrating the Codes of Ascension

Being a Master means living each day as a walking meditation.

There is no one who can tell you exactly how to make the journey, which is part of the beauty of the rite of passage. There are no traditions or handed down ceremonies, each one of us must learn what steps to take on our own.


Ascension Messages From the Higher Realms

The Process of Conscious Human Evolution

What is the Ascension Process? How are we to integrate the higher frequencies of Light that are changing humanity and the planet on a daily basis?

Who is our Higher Self? How do we access the information we require to seamlessly transcend into our new reality?

Ascension Messages from the Higher Realms, takes us on journey of Conscious Human Evolution, by moving out of the Collective Consciousness.


Life is Good, All is Well

Everything is Vibration

Did you know that you are made up entirely of vibrating energy? In fact, everything that exists is vibration and that is what this book is about.

We are all made up of energy that moves in, out and through our multi-dimensional bodies at a rate determined by the level at which we vibrate.

You may resonate with some vibrations and not with others; in other words your vibration is attracted to, neutral or repelled by all other vibrations, which is the reason you are drawn to a certain person, color, music, religion, job and every other aspect your life. There is no getting around it, that’s just the way it is in the Third Dimension.


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