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Why do tragedies happen? Why is there suffering? Those of us in the New Era know that the Earth is evolving, the Ascension process is accelerating, and many of us believe that everything happens as it should~~according to Divine Plan.

Some say that each of us makes an agreement before incarnating into a lifetime. If this is true, there can be those who choose a lifetime that includes suffering. Why, we may never know, but one thing we can know is that the suffering changes each of us, whether we experience it or observe it.

When tragic events take place, we often become kinder. When the events affect many people, there is an exponentially increased amount of Love, Light, Prayers, Healing Energy, plain old good wishes, caring, and loving intention, sent to those who are suffering.

In the wake of horror and tragedy for some, humanity sends powerful waves of positive energy that lifts the energetic signature of Earth and its inhabitants.

There are an increasing number of us who are consciously ascending to the New Era, and channeling energy from the Higher Realms. We are bringing in vibrations that the Earth has not seen for ages.

Just as Reiki resurfaced in 1945 in Japan, amid destruction and despair, we generate enormous amounts of Love in the wake of tragedy and hardship. Through these experiences, in which there is suffering for many, there are others learning to be more compassionate, giving of their time, money, and energy. People question aspects of life that they never took the time to explore, even re-evaluating belief systems.

Many of us have made great strides in clearing negative, lower-vibrating energy, and are experiencing wonderful lives, filled with gratitude, abundance, and joy. When we become aware of unsettling world events, we have a real-life exercise in holding our space in the Higher Dimensions, and remaining observers of what is happening.

It is essential that those of us who are Light Bringers and Light Bearers keep our vibration as high as possible, for it is during these drastic events that we need increased Light. If we allow ourselves to become entangled in what is occurring, we are not fulfilling our purpose of preventing the darkness and despair of others to increase.

The more Love, Light, and Healing Energy we can create each day, the more we are contributing to the best possible outcome of humanity and the Earth. When we continue doing this, it becomes a natural part of our daily activity. As we hold the Light, we create pathways for others to also hold more Light.

The New Era is complete and functional, and those who put their focus on the Higher Dimensions are the place-holders of the new Crystalline civilization into which we are all evolving. Each of us in this new vibration is at their appointed place on the grid of Light that keeps the Earth energetically stable, holding it in place and keeping it intact. There is no going back now, no failure or questions as to whether the next phase of Conscious Human Evolution will happen, because it already has, and we are an instrumental part of the Process.

When we continue on our path, we do not falter.  If we do not know what to do next, we can ask our Angels and Guides to assist us. If we are unsure of the next step, we can just wait for an answer. It will not take long. We are the Bright Stars of the present and the future. We are the Earthly expression of the Divine and the Ray of Hope for all. When we shine our Light for all to see, and walk into the unknown, we do so with excitement and wonder.

And So it is…

A Message from An Enlightened Author …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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